I believe my God-given purpose is to help (great American) hotels & restaurants survive & thrive. By showing up, supporting them and surrounding them (the owners, the operators and their employees) with a platform of experts, specialists, tools and services that improve their operations and enhance their hospitality. Ultimately, building a great legacy for them and their staff.

Our Services Are Specifically Designed for:

Our Purpose Is Our Step By Step Process:

1st: Benefits Employees

Providing Hospitality To Your Team Will Improve Moral & Sets The Tone For How They Will Treat Their Guests. Thus, Happy Employees.

2nd: Benefits Guests

Providing Hospitality To Your Guests Will Attract Repeat Visits & Exceed Your Guest Expectations. Thus, Happy Guests.

3rd: Benefits Owner / Operator

Improving Guest Experiences Will Significantly Improve Bottom Lines.

4th: Benefits Community

Great Hospitality Attracts People To Visit, Work and Even Live In Your Neighborhood.

5th: Pleases God

Enhancing Your Hospitality Is A Personal Self-Improving, Repeatable, Cyclical Process & Journey.

The Lodging & Hospitality Group:

Was created and exists to show God's love in a practical way by saving, creating & improving small businesses and jobs in the hotel & restaurant industry in the United States of America; Helping them survive and thrive! Transforming the lives of owner / operators & their staff by making the deepest impact and the biggest difference in as many lives as possible; To serve our industry, one client at a time.

Service Offerings For Hotel & Restaurant Operators:

Free Legacy Coaching Services

Helping American Hotel & Restaurant Operations Survive & Thrive by collecting & curating suggestions from guests & employees alike, experts answer your questions & assessments will determines what critical areas need the most attention right now.

Our Guide For A Winning Successful Operation:

2. Treat Your Employees With Authentic Positive Hospitality

Provide Your Employees With The Absolute Best Authentic Positive Hospitality.

3. Encourage, Inspire & Train Your Employees To Provide Their Guests With Authentic Positive Hospitality

Promote & Curate A Culture Of Constant & Consistent Treatment Of Great Hospitality Towards Their Guests.

When you need to survive, fix your hospitality. This single act will make the greatest impact and the biggest difference. Plus, it won't cost you a dime to do it. Fixing your food, cleanliness, and even service just isn't enough to survive.

When it comes to hospitality, the recipient is never to be blamed for how they feel.
The recipient is never to be considered wrong for how they feel. It is not their fault.
There is never a misunderstanding, misrepresentation or a misinterpretation of how the recipient feels.

What Is This Notion Of Hospitality?

  • It is how an individual makes other people feel
  • It can be positive and good. It can be negative and bad. Or it could be nothing at all
  • It is how an individual or group of individuals are treated in a culture or community
  • It must be consistent and constant. It must never waver
  • It is how we personally engage & interact with each other
  • Hospitality (good or bad) exists in homes, business operations, organizations, neighborhoods, towns and even states
  • Service is not hospitality.  Service is just the mechanical systematic process, while hospitality is the soul & the spirit of your operation
  • Service without hospitality is merely just a transaction in a cold building
  • It is the humanity that brings us all together
  • Service is what we do FOR our guests while hospitality is what we do WITH our guests
  • It is the smallest moments in time & the smallest things that people do
  • We forget great service but we always remember hospitality, good or bad

What Is This Notion Of Positive Hospitality?

  • It makes one feel good
  • The feeling of belonging, being noticed, being wanted, being needed and being appreciated
  • Kindness, love, peace, respect, happiness, friendship, good-will
  • It is the act of caring & welcoming of a visitor, guest or stranger
  • Making someone feel like they are being invited, to be inviting
  • It gives us the feeling of belonging
  • It is always generous & thoughtful
  • It is only achieved by serving with all of your heart & soul
  • This happens very seldom even in the ‘hospitality’ industry, almost becoming extinct
  • It must always be provided to all employees & guests to guarantee their respectful retention
  • The authenticity of positive hospitality is only found in the feelings of the recipient.  If you fake it, they’ll see right through your act

What Is This Notion Of Zero Hospitality?

  • It makes one feel nothing at all
  • It Is like dealing with a robot
  • This happens a majority of the time even in the ‘hospitality’ industry due to desire for higher profits and a result of over-bearing procedures
  • You won’t remember your experience tomorrow

What Is This Notion Of Negative Hospitality: (aka: Hostility)

  • It makes one feel bad
  • The feeling of being rejected, not being noticed, not being accepted, not being wanted, and being ignored.
  • Wrath, anger, ill-will, hatred, war, antipathy & total absolute disrespect
  • Un-trained employees sticking to the ‘rules’ can be a great source of negative hospitality.  For example:
    • A busboy yelling at you because you’re not wearing a mask
    • Being arrested on a golf course because you’re not wearing a collared shirt
    • Not allowing you to check-in because you aren’t vaccinated against covid-19
    • Rude comments, dirty looks, bad attitudes

Eleven Madison Park

Why This Is The World's Best Restaurant:
Delivering Unreasonable Hospitality

We love what we do!

We love the reason we do what we do!

We love our clients we do it for!

We love the American towns we do it in!

We love our employees we do it with!

Our Ideal Client:

A Small Mom & Pop:

We thrive helping the smallest of the small lodging & hospitality owner / operator improve their operation and property. Big corporations don't get us out of bed in the morning. Not sorry.

One Who Never Quits:

Giving up is not an option. Unless you were diagnosed with a terminal illness or severely injured, quitting is never an option. We must persevere and survive. This single attribute creates the most energy for us.

One Who Wants Help:

Everybody needs help at some point in time. We don't waste our time with clients that don't want our help. We only want to help people that will appreciate what we do for them and the fellowship that's created.

One Who Wants To Learn, Grow & Improve:

We practice better everyday! Folks that don't want to learn & grow will parish over time. Growth is an intentional & deliberate act. We only help people who are serious about personal improvement and growth. Intellectual ignorance and intellectual arrogance is a death sentence for any business operator.

One Who Cares:

We pour in as much care into the client and the client's situation, but we never exceed their own level of care they pour into themselves &/or their situation. We don't want to waste our care tokens

One Who Shares Kindness:

We share as much kindness towards our client, but we never exceed their level of kindness they share back with us. We don't want to waste or love tokens.

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