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As hundreds of hotels & restaurants permanently shut their doors every month in America, it's becoming more difficult for struggling operations to survive. The Lodging & Hospitality Group offer customized services that surround you with systems, caring experts and solutions that will result in saving your small business and your employees' jobs.
Service Offerings

The Lodging & Hospitality Group:

was created and exists for its sole purpose: to show God's love in a practical way by saving, creating & improving small businesses and jobs in the hotel & restaurant industry in the United States of America; Helping them survive and thrive! Transforming the lives of operators & their staff by making the deepest impact and the biggest difference in as many lives as possible; One client at a time.
Service Offerings

Coaching Services

Collects & curates suggestions and answers your questions t help you improve your operation and enhance your hospitality

Supporting Services

Provides essential services that help you survive and thrive.

Management Services

Provides operation management services for lodging & hospitality type properties.


William J. Bilo, Jr. 

Founder & Entrepreneur


(724) 331-1545


Office Address

160 Conemaugh Street, Blairsville, PA 15717